On occasion, clients or attorneys come to Unleashing Hope Counseling, not for therapy, but for understanding of whether or not their current or former therapist has acted illegally, unethically, or for clinical issues regarding a court case. 

Consulting gives clients the unique chance to obtain personal guidance and insight about the complex world of counselor ethics and clinical guidelines. Where there is concern of ethical misconduct on the part of previous or current therapists/social workers/family evaluators; we will listen to your perspective, review records, and help you determine how best to proceed. We will help you request your and your child’s records and find solutions to roadblocks when access to records has been denied. In reviewing records and therapist’s conduct, we do an intensive background and licensing verification, research of possible ethical code violations, audit of charts using best practice and state licensing compliance standards, as well as provide clinical feedback. 

If in our professional opinion ethical misconduct is found, we will draft a complaint letter and walk you through the entire process, including expert testimony regarding the records review and findings if requested by you or your attorney. If ethical misconduct is not substantiated, we will help coach you through your options of finding a counselor who is a better fit for you and your family, or consult with the counselor to help guide the counselor on relevant clinical matters.

In situations where children (minor and adult) have been alienated, estranged, or are at risk of the parent/child relationship being negatively affected or severed; we may offer our professional understanding of the situation and give suggestions and strategies on how to best proceed to build and restore positive parent/child interactions. In the case of current/former CPS involvement, we may offer advice on how to request copies of “findings letters,” investigation reports, and guide clients in the process of role removals for cases dismissed with “No finding.” If there was a finding of “Unable to Determine” or “Reason to Believe,” we must refer you to your attorney to determine the necessary legal steps you will need to take, if you choose to fight the findings. 

During the consulting process we also offer specific strategies for “best” parenting practices to prevent allegations of abuse and CPS involvement, ways to co-parent/parallel parent, customized solutions to custody/visitation and communication difficulties, ways to organize the massive amounts of paper and documentation obtained in custody and ethics violation cases, and individualized, developmentally and age appropriate parenting skills. 

Though therapist’s ethical and legal requirements vary from state to state; they are similar. Therefore, consultations can be performed across state lines. We have currently provided consultations for Texas, Oklahoma, California, Colorado, Louisiana and Florida. If your state is not listed, please call for more information, as we may still be able to provide consultation and direction. 

Court ordered therapy does not absolve the therapist of ethical and quality services. If you believe you have been harmed or wronged by a therapist, please contact us to schedule your free 1-hour consultation to determine if consultation services would be beneficial.

**Consultation is NOT therapy. It cannot be billed through insurance, nor can a “super bill” receipt be submitted for reimbursement. 

**As the consultation process often reveals information that would prevent unbiased discourse, consultation clients cannot later become counseling clients. To do so would present a dual role and would be unethical. 

Client And Attorney Consultation services