​When it comes to high conflict custody cases, it is imperative that a thorough assessment of the family system be conducted. Failing to consider all essential facts about a child's and parent’s psychological, educational, and social functioning can lead court officials to form inaccurate conclusions that are not in the child’s best interest.

The purpose of such an assessment is to provide an extensive, yet clear and reliable means to reasonably determine the existence and reason behind parent-child conflict; whether it be from parental alienation/pathogenic parenting, estrangement, abandonment, or other reasons.

A family system assessment is not a social investigation or custody evaluation, and therefore will not provide recommendations as to access, possession or custody, but rather provides judges, other court officials, and custody evaluators information to better decide what is in a child's best interest. This assessment also provides therapists and reunification specialists with valuable information to help create appropriate treatment interventions.  

This assessment provides a cross battery of information including; but not limited to: gathering relevant history, reviewing custody evaluation documents, examining psychological studies and other pertinent records, consultation with current or previous collateral professionals, completion and scoring of self-report inventories and formal evidence based screening measures, interviews with parents and child(ren), and observation sessions of the parent-child relationship. 

**A High Conflict Family Assessment is NOT therapy. It cannot be billed through insurance, nor can a “super bill” receipt be submitted for reimbursement. 

** So that all family members will comply with the assessment, we do require a court order prior to beginning services. Please contact our office for more information regarding suggested wording of the court order. 

**To prevent dual roles from developing or questions about bias, if the assessment reveals that individual family members or the family as a whole would benefit from therapy, referrals will be made to an outside therapist not affiliated with Unleashing Hope Counseling, PLLC.

HIgh Conflict Family SYSTEM Assessment