Intern supervision

Now Accepting New Interns!

As completing counselor intern hours requires a minimum of 18 months, we suggest that interns thoroughly research prospective supervisors. Like therapy itself, supervision is about fit…fit of expertise, fit of theoretical orientation, fit of support and challenge. Intern supervisors should be able to adequately support interns throughout the intern process, as well as challenge them to grow and develop as a professional.

Shelbie Michaels sees intern supervision as a way to give back to the therapy community. It is her philosophy to help grow the next generation into highly ethical, legal, and effective therapists. She offers supervision for interns at community agencies, schools, and private practices in the Dallas/Fort-Worth area. 

Supervision with Shelbie goes beyond weekly case consultations and conceptualizations. Shelbie strives to help interns learn all the nuances of being a clinician (all the things you are not taught in graduate school). Supervision includes face-to-face individual, dyadic/group, and webcam.

If you are interested in interviewing for intern supervision, please email Shelbie a cover letter and CV to